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Leave your car at home, Chix Beach Crawl will transport you to and from restaurant/bar/pub/brewery.  You can go from bar to bar enjoying different food, drinks, venues and events without the worry of driving.  We even get you home if you are within 3 miles of the Lesner.  

Live further away than 3 miles from the Lesner? We can still help save you money and get you home safely.  We will get you closer to your home by taking the Chix Beach Crawl shuttle to either pleasure house location for great neck location and you can Lyft home from there.

Our partners understand Communities are made of businesses and individuals.  These local businesses are taking an active role in reducing DUI's in the area by sponsoring this safety-first  community involvement iniative.

Use the Chix Beach Crawl to ensure safety for yourself and the local community.