how it works

First step is to LEAVE YOUR CAR AT HOME!!

Chix Beach Crawl is a FREE shuttle service between participating restaurants, bars, and pubs along the shore drive and Chic's Beach area. In addition, there are apartments and soon to be condo's and hotels available. This will allow customers the freedom to safely travel between different venues providing a variety of styles, music, specials and events. 

Advantages of Chix Beach Crawl:

  • Safe:  No drinking and driving!
  • Fun: Access to many venues offering fun events, music and specials.
  • Hydrating: Free bottle water provided for shuttle customers.
  • Savings: Get access to specials and deals for only Chix Beach Crawl customers.

How to Crawl:

Get your group together

Text your location, group size, & destination to 757-323-4438


Facebook message (@chixbeachcrawl) your location, group size, & destination

Example:  Froggies, 5, to CP Shuckers

We respond with ETA and you enjoy the night


Chix Beach Crawl Facebook